How does Bowen Therapy work?


Bowen Therapy is a physical realignment technique for healing acute and chronic pain and injury. It works with the innate intelligence of our body to align the spine, initiate healing and recovery for muscles, joints, ligaments and organ systems out of harmony. It is rebalancing for the emotions and has a calming effect on the mind, offering clarity and peace. It has been described by a client as ‘a whole body, mind, energy reboot’.

Founded in Geelong in the 1950’s by Mr Tom Bowen, the Bowen Technique allows the body to return to natural alignment, structure and function, by targeting specific points with gentle moves performed over muscles, ligaments and Fascia lines. These points initiate myo–fascial (muscle and fascia) release, easing the pressure on joints, bones and increasing the flow of energy, nutrients and signals through the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) and Fascia.

There is a natural intelligence within our DNA and cellular function, that mends our bones without our command, and performs thousands of adjustments every second so that we can maintain focus on our daily life. Bowen Therapy works with this intelligence, performing sets of moves over tissue, muscles and ligaments, sending signals, giving time for the body to integrate the information and allow natural realignment of muscles and fascia, previously locked, in spasm, trauma or congestion.


– Spinal pain + scoliosis
– Muscle + joint pain
– Nerve pain + sciatica
– Stress, ADHD, PTSD
– Digestive + gall bladder + IBS
– Chronic fatigue + fibromyalgia
– Prostate + hormonal issues
– Dizziness, vertigo, migraines
– Ear + eye problems, tinnitus
– Pregnancy pain + conception
– Infant colic + reflux


In my opinion and observation, Bowen Therapy successfully integrates the physical, mental and emotional alignment, release, and education needed to address whole health and wellbeing. It is my experience that this renaissance of natural medicine is the missing link for a new era of empowerment through experiential reconnection with the intelligence of the body, the power of our conscious mind, our innate intuition, as well as a powerful healing tool for our health.

So how does it work?

This is a very empowering conversation, summarised here with links to more information for the curious minds. The empowerment comes by understanding how we have the power to influence our biology, through knowledge of our mind–body connection, and that we have the power to change our physiology through these insights and various tools when we learn about our mind–body relationship.

The essence of Bowen Therapy is realignment... of the structure and function of the body, returning natural harmony to tissues, bones, nervous system, and all integrated energy fields. It has the potential to ‘switch on’ the body’s intelligence (i.e. help us tune into it again) and allow us to receive the intuitive messages our body’s have to offer us when slow down, tune in and remember how to listen. I call this the 'Body–Compass', that intelligence which speaks through our body.


A Bowen Therapy session allows the body’s nervous system to shift from fight-flight-freeze to rest-heal-recover mode. When we are in ‘defence mode’, we are using the sympathetic nervous system, designed for fleeing from tigers. In our modern world this is the result of fear and stress. For many of us we are operating in fight-or-flight mode up to 90% of our day, sending signals to our cells that we are in danger, thinking 3 steps ahead, feeling worried, anxious, rushed, responsible, or are simply busy until we stop at night. Our cells respond by tensing, preparing to fight or flee and shutting down any function not required for defence... like the digestive, hormonal and immunity, or healing functions.

The initial moves of a Bowen Therapy session assist the nervous system to shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode (relax and heal mode) as our mind to enters Alpha and Theta Brain wave states around 4–14 Hz, much like when we are deeply relaxed, in meditation or nature. In this state our body automatically goes into healing mode. When we simply get our minds out of the way our body will naturally return to peace. Sounds simple, but not always so! The calmness and low frequency (referred to by Dr James Oschmann in ‘Energy Medicine’) radiated from a therapists hands also facilitates this shift. Click for more information on The Science of Energy Medicine.

brainwaves a-g copy.jpg


When a move is performed, the pressure against the Fascia creates a very low frequency electrical signal sent to the cells and brain, via the Fascia and nervous system. The signals indicate to our intelligent cells, that they are safe, their membrane (mem-brain) can open to receive beneficial nutrients and there is a ripple effect, like strumming a guitar string, up and down the line of fascia shown below. The ‘antenna’ mentioned by Dr Bruce Lipton in ‘The Biology of Belief’, respond as strongly to these energy waves as they do to proteins or chemical signals.

Pulsed Electro–Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF’s) are used widely throughout our medical institutions to deliver beneficial frequencies in the mending of bones and other functions.

'All energy is electromagnetic in nature. All atoms, chemicals and cells produce electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Every organ in the body produces it own signature bio–electromagnetic field. Science has proven that our bodies actually project their own magnetic fields and that all 70 trillion cells in the body communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. When the electromagnetic activity of the body ceases, life ceases.'

– By William Pawluk, MD, MSc Board Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner; Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland


Fascia is the inter–connected, liquid crystalline web that extends from every cell, into the plasma around the cells provides structure and function to the body. It responds intelligently to the signals from it’s environment, including chemical, sound, light, frequency and thought.

'Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together, the connective tissue network. You are about 70 trillion cells — neurons, muscle cells, epithelia — all humming in relative harmony; fascia is the 3D spider web of fibrous, gluey, and Fasciawet proteins that binds them together in their proper placement.' – Thomas Myers, ‘Anatomy Trains’.


Images. Thomas Myers, 'Anatomy Trains'.

Images. Thomas Myers, 'Anatomy Trains'.


Fascia is responsible for much of the intelligent and instantaneous communication of the cells of our body. Bowen Therapy works primarily with the lines of Fascia in the body, some of which are shown below (photos by Thomas Myers). These have a relationship with the Meridian lines which the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine is based upon, and are congruent with the principles of the flow of least resistance through the electrical circuits or bio-electric currents that begin with each individual cell, and make up the entire field of our bio-electric bodies.

The less resistance within our Electrical Circuits, the more energy flow we have. Resistance can be caused by a number of reasons including, toxin build up in our organs, knotted bundles of fascia, stress which causes the cell membrane to go into defence mode, lower feeling (or frequency) emotions causing density in the circuits, like fear or shame, lack of carrier nutrients like oxygen or water (shallow breathing and dehydration).

Fascia is the inter-face between our mind and body. It's structure is made up of geometrically aligned collagen molecules, that function in a very similar way to quartz crystal. It is the slippery, ever responsive web that is present from the smallest molecule, wraps our nerve sheaths, our organ linings, connects our skin and fat layers, wraps our muscle fibres and bundles, constructs our bones and joins our muscles like a ‘string–of–sausages’ in tensegrity networks front, back and criss–crossing the body.

Fascia is described as a liquid crystalline substance, and, like our LCD screens, it is an amplifier for light, electricity or ‘energy waves’. Scientists like Mae-Wan Ho, and leaders in Natural Therapies like Thomas Myers, have been discovering over the previous decades, that fascia holds an intelligence which we sometimes call ‘cellular memory’.  The hollow tubules that make up the web, also allow water to pass through them – water which acts as a super highway for electrical current.

It is my observation that this intelligence responds to our thoughts and emotions with immediate, physiological effects. It is common that during a Bowen Therapy session, for example after release of a ‘frozen shoulder’, that there is an obvious release of tension, emotion or insight into the problem, like an excess responsibility someone has been ‘shouldering’. This was my personal experience during my Bowen Therapy training when I experienced a flood of tears from out of nowhere, after a shoulder release. This was followed by the realisation that I was holding the responsibility and worry for fixing some serious medical diagnosis for my family that I had received.


Scientists have still not located the place in the brain where memory is held. There is much more evidence to show that the cells of our body retain memory. Which makes sense when we look at Dr Masaru Emoto’s teachings of water molecules holding the vibrational imprint (or memory signature) of the frequency’s exposed to it, including emotions of Love and Fear through meditation, music or words written on the glass. His experiments and photographs of water molecules are shown  below. We are made up of 70% water molecules, so our thoughts and emotions offered as inner dialogue really matters. More insight into our body's intelligent blueprint can be found here – The Body's Intelligent Blueprint.

Dr Masaru Emoto's photographs of frozen water molecules exposed to different frequencies of emotion, through meditation, sound and intention. His book,  'The hidden messages in water',  expands on his experiments and findings.

Dr Masaru Emoto's photographs of frozen water molecules exposed to different frequencies of emotion, through meditation, sound and intention. His book, 'The hidden messages in water', expands on his experiments and findings.

There are countless reports of organ transplant patients receiving memories or feelings they can’t describe from another time, place or family, connected to the donor, potentially held within the cellular memory of the organ.

Peter Levine wrote ‘Waking the Tiger – Healing Trauma, The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences’. He summarised that nearly every human on the planet has experienced trauma at some time in their life. This trauma can be from dramatic events, sexual, mental and physical abuse, a pregnant woman abused also affects the foetus, from war and violence, or from very common events that are meaningful for the person. If left unresolved, these imprints, or memories, may become stored somewhere in the body and very often surface through emotional reaction, sleeplessness, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, lack of vitality and a host of other symptoms.

The body’s innate intelligence, or cell’s brain, can sense when it is in a safe environment. Bowen Therapy has the potential to facilitate the release of cellular memory from a particular part of the body by it’s own process, often without the mind analysis or fear response interrupting the trauma cycle from completion. It does this by sending low level beneficial frequencies to which the cells or fascia respond by releasing and returning to their original blueprint.

The healing frequencies emitted from a Qi Gong master or therapists hands, also facilitates this shift sensed by the client as a calm, loving, space to relax into. In the preface to his book, 'Energy Medicine', James L. Oschman, Ph.D, writes,

‘this book is written from a firm belief that the study of energetics is our best hope for solving the mysteries of life and healing. Looking at medicine through the lens of energetics is like opening the front door in springtime and allowing he fresh air and the scent of spring flowers to come in. For energy medicine has gone through a cold winter of confusion and misunderstanding, and that season is now behind us.’


When a Bowen Therapy move is performed, the pressure applied against the muscle creates a very low frequency or electrical charge, sent via the fascia and central nervous system (CNS), to the brain and cells similar to medical devices that accelerate the healing of bones. The signals indicate to our intelligent cells, that they are safe, their membrane (mem-brain) can open to receive nutrients and release toxins. There is a vibration sent, like strumming a guitar string, up and down the line of fascia shown below. The ‘antenna’ on the outside of our cells, explained by Dr Bruce Lipton in ‘The Biology of Belief’, respond as strongly to these energy waves as they do to proteins or chemical signals. These are resonances crucial in the harmony of our organic, electric body.

'This is vital for a wide range of energy therapies using frequencies applied to the human body, whether these signals come from medical devices, the human voice, or the human hand, herbs or aroma's, music or other modalities.' – J. Oschman, 'Energy Medicine'.



Bowen Therapy offers a whole body, mind, energetic balance that may effectively treat chronic and acute pain as well as a wide host of emotional and energetic imbalances. It is perfect for all ages, babies to elderly and athletes due to its non-forceful approach in collaboration with the intelligent body.

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