What is the Flow State?


• What is the Flow State

Well known by artists, musicians, dancers, travelers, explorers, healers, meditators, martial artists, scientists like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla… as that way of creating or moving through the world, where we are tuned into an energy within us that feels effortless, that is wholly connected to the energy around us, in fact it seems to be flowing ‘through us’. In connection to this field of energy around us, we find that the right people, or ideas, or resources effortlessly cross our path.

• What happens in Flow State?

— We are present, relaxed, non-resistant - not worried about past or future

— There is a release of hormones that heighten our consciousness, or self perception including Serotonin, Oxytocin, Anandamide.

— There is a sense of Timeless-ness, Sefless-ness, Effortless-ness (Stealing Fire)

— We are unattached to the outcome, positive surrender.

— Intention and visualisation enhance what we attract

— Group intention is amplified in its power to influence our environment 100x (vaguely)

In the most simple terms, flow state is a mental presence that is clear, relaxed... a non-resistant state of experiencing life, unattached to an outcome, where we experience ourselves as part of the whole, the web of life. Essentially it's what scientists and ancient cultures speak of as consciousness. It has become known to me through van life, letting go, trusting my world, trusting people. Expecting the best, always.

It makes sense when we realise what science has known for decades, that we are 99.9% energy or space at our atomic structure. Sound, light, emotion… are all vibrations that influence our Fascia/Cells and we can experience spontaneous healing documented in thousands of medical cases. We can heal, discover, receive genius insights.

• So how do we access it •

Strongly through our body, which is always rooted in the present moment, that can dissolve the mind chaos.

Through somatic (sensory) experiences

• Sound – Instruments, Song, Tones, ‘feeling’ sound

• Listening in Nature, hearing though our cells

• Meditation

• Movement

• Knowledge

• Contact with others who live this full knowing. We strongly influence each others energy fields…

See the video link for some seriously cool understanding of this influence we have as healers, musicians, parents… humans.

Why Meditation is Essential to Flow State – Video Here

By Nassim Haramein... one of the many legends making energy medicine accessible to humanity.

Elisha May