The only thing we have to fear... is fear itself
— franklin roosevelt


Unmasking the ‘I'm fine’ Story. I have found that being transparent about the happiness journey, has allowed people to be themselves around me, without apology for their internal conflict, struggles, guilt or shame. Yes I choose happy but it comes with a contrasting back-journey.


Story of a Freedom Seeker.

'an unusual journey to inner freedom'

Xantaya Health is birthed from the unique journey of Founder, Practitioner, Energy Coach and Artist, Elisha Xantaya.

With a science brain and a wandering spirit, Elisha rediscovered her creative, inner kid through the dust of fear and insecurity, cleverly disguised as a successful, professional and well mannered human being. Her journey has guided her to a liberated new view of this world as a playground for our imagination.

This journey has been all colours of the spectrum. From a fortunate, outdoorsy, sporty upbringing, 7 years as an Engineer Officer in the NZ Army, 4 years as a Graphic Artist and Illustrator, then trying to find her way out of 'the system' becoming a self–employed freelance designer with few business skills. Elisha was introduced to muso life as a singer in the Gold Coast band 'Late, Lost and Rustic', entered 4 years blasting in Australian Coal Mines which was the catalyst into this expanding life passion of healing, education, science and self–discovery.

Elisha's work now includes Bowen Therapy, Mindfulness & Energy Coaching, Meditation, Sound Healing, music, tavel and ongoing inner exploration through van life and global wandering.

Elisha is dedicated to sharing this empowered knowledge and the access we ALL have for a life without limits. She is sharing the science of energy, dissolution of fear and empowered manifestation of a joyous life. 

The greatest obstacle that stands between us and almost everything we can imagine... is fear. Including peace on our planet. The rest is up to us.