4 Week Mindfulness Courses

Introductory Course | Mindfulness Works Australia

Includes 4 x 1 Hour Classes with a trained Mindfulness Facilitator, a 40 page guidebook, online resources to guided meditations and access to the Calm App.


holgate COURSE • THURSDAYS, start OCT 10 • 7–8PM

Participant Reflections

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on mindfulness and your life experiences with us. It has been very much appreciated.

It has certainly changed my way of thinking and the way I deal with all aspects of my life. I have a very busy and sometimes stressful job and I have noticed the last couple of weeks I am more at peace within myself and no longer carrying my stress from work around with me all the time thanks to your introduction into mindfulness.

Thank you once again for what has been a life changing experience and the beginning of a new journey for me.
— Heidi Brimble | Maitland Mindfulness Works Intro Course

1-Day Mindfulness Course

Lyrebird Retreat | Hunter Valley

next course sat dec 7

Our 1-Day Immersions provide the education and practical techniques of Mindfulness, in a serene nature setting. We cover the quantum basics of your Mind-Body Wisdom and put these concepts in practice throughout the day. Lunch included. More info click the image below.

Participant Reflections

Elisha has put together the perfect combination for healing and inner awareness, at her retreat. The peace you feel as you drive into her home, the knowledge she shares and then the skills she teaches you over the day all make for a truly magical day. I’m so grateful that I went!
— Tasha Lee | 1-Day Mindfulness Retreat Aug 11
I attended Elisha’s mindfulness course today at her beautiful retreat. It was such an amazing experience, where I learnt how to disconnect from the busyness life has to offer and reconnect with my inner self. Elisha has given me so many tools to assist in my healing journey. Lyrebird retreat is the perfect place to embark on this journey as it has the perfect outlook and is so peaceful. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey with Elisha over the coming years.
— Liz Tallon | 1-Day Mindfulness Retreat Aug 11