Xantaya Health

Reconnection through Healing, Education and Inspired Projects

Have you ever looked up at the stars or stopped amidst chaos, and pondered, there must be more to it than this? Have you ever wondered how you acquired your parameters for a "successful life" ?

In a complex, overstimulated western world that is constantly searching outside of itself for happiness, we provide some signposts back into your centre. Through healing, mindfulness course, sound journeys, creative collaboration through open mic gatherings, and through global adventures shared.



individual healing

Sometimes we need a little assistance to find our balance, our purpose, our clarity. These sessions address all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance. Click below for more information on Individual Treatments with Elisha.


education and meditation

To make change, means to see what is not working, and have the tools and courage to explore new territory. Having support and a toolkit to navigate change is essential. It takes education, self awareness, mindfulness and some method's of honest inner reflection.

We have a number of courses, meditations and workshops where you can explore with us.


inspiration through play

Some of the greatest inner discoveries we can make are simply through living life, but with a level of awareness where can allow insights to drop in that grwo us, heal us, or guide us.

By exploring, by having the courage to grow through play, through pain, through uncharted territory, we join the human collective in a move towards a more peacefuls, loving planet. And when we give ourselves permission to shine our brightest, we encourage others to shine theirs too.