5–Elements Meditation Flow

a daily meditation framework – for body, mind and soul balance

The 5–Elements Meditation Flow – is embodied cognition of a State of Connected Flow. Learned through the Body–Compass, a Mindfulness Tool to access your inner teacher and healer.

It provides tools for energy balance, grounding and self awareness through meditation, movement, visualisation, gratitude, ritual, energy clearing and positive reprogramming. this framewrok utilises the emerging understanding of neuroscience, epigenetics, and transformative states of embodied cognition, blending both ancient native wisdom and modern science’s understanding of our profound mind–body intelligence.

Short Course: 4 hour workshop (including sound journey)

Full Course: Full Weekend Immersion

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What is 5–Elements Meditation Flow?

Embodied Cognition of Self Awareness

“ A perception, sensation, idea, or intuition resulting from the process of cognitions"

This is a tried and tested framework, based on the native 4–Directions Medicine Wheel, within which you can apply your own system of inner exploration, healing of body, mind and heart. Utilising this daily tune–up, allows a mix of both stillness and flow, blending yoga, qi gong, meditation, dance and neural–reprogramming through movement.

Borne from personal experience, explored through many different teachings and wisdoms of native cultures and ancient civilisations, healers, shamans and elders, eastern philosophy and through experience in clinical Bowen Therapy Practice and Sound Healing – the merging of science and energy medicine with intuition. It is a framework with guidelines, intended for you to find your own truth within, utilise your own creative flow, for however your soul speaks to you… and if you haven’t already tuned in, you will receive it loud and clear with daily practice.

“Worry is a form of prayer for what you don’t want”.

“Thoughts are energy, your mind health becomes your body health, attracts your reality and creates your life experience”.

The Framework

Ancient wisdom, tailored for your creative insight and self discovery

5–Elements Wisdom

We take an insightful journey through movement within each element – Air (North), Fire (East), Water (South), Earth (West) and Ether (Centre) – to understand how each can be tapped into for physical healing, energy clearing, wisdom and insight. This begins with an informal discussion of our profound cellular intelligence and what I coin the ‘Body–Compass’. the language of feeling.

Unless we know how to tune into this body–compass, we can be easily shaken by negative or overwhelming energy and overly influenced by others around us, become over sensitive and take things personally. Through practical tools and playfulness, we explore what it means to remain in our centre despite the chaos or excitement around us, in our offices, relationships and home environments. You will understand fully the process of unapologetic self–care through our choices, our words and connection to our truth.

5–Elements Practice

We then run through a basic sequence of the 4–Directions medicine wheel found in many indigenous cultures. In each direction/element, we use physical movement to open our physical body and clear energetic meridians through Qi Gong, Yoga, Bowen Therapy Moves and Dance Flow. We explore the wisdom offered by each element, through Ayurvedic teachings, colours, frequency of crystals, biology of visualisations and their natural properties and learn how this can be utilised for self–healing, insight and inspiration.

For example - South:

Represents the element of Water. Water has been understood to retain the memory or imprint of each object and emotion it comes into contact with (Dr Masaru Emoto, Dr Mae-Won Ho). Thoughts and emotions, are an energy wave or frequency that can be felt by another human, or animal/plant, without words, and across distance (Dr James L. Oschman, h.D). We are 70% water, and those water cells within our body also respond instantaneously to our thoughts, as well as the information from the energy fields around us.

It retains memory from past trauma and experiences, holding it in the body if we don’t have tools to release and clear these ‘loops'. So in South – the direction of water – we will learn how to clear the old patterns and cellular memory no longer positively serving us, to become aware of our inner dialogue, the script that feeds our cells, so that we have a choice to change it if it is not wholly loving. We will learn how to gain insight offered by the properties of water – surrender & flow, persistence, path of least resistance, protection – and open a pathway of communication with the spirit of water and its caretakers, such as whales and crystal frequencies. Crystals are a high frequency that offer a pure energy field received by our body’s Fascial network and instantly re–harmonising –– see below for more info.

The Body–Compass

A practical tool for mindfulness and reprogramming our subconscious patterns.

The human population spends billions of dollars every year to get out of our heads and find connection of some sort. Through substances of many kinds, including pyschedelics, prescription drugs, alcohol, shopping, coffee, TV, Trance music, festivals… the list is long. Sometimes in self destructive ways and almost always looking outside of ourselves for that state of flow that makes us feel good, feel connected, remember who we really are underneath the conditioning, responsibility, societal programming and expectations.

The 5–Elements Meditation Flow – is direct access to this State of Connected Flow through the Body–Compass, a Mindfulness Tool to access your inner teacher and healer.

The moment-to-moment conversation your body is having with you will show you where your mind is in this present moment. Usually distracted, worried about past or future. And with this heightened awareness of tension, or discomfort in the body, we can begin to notice what chaos our mind is creating through our inner critic, so that we can change it for positive change.

We attract to our life what we think about, both conscious and subconscious, whether we want it or not. To have a mindfulness tool, to train our inner dialogue and receive, present moment guidance from the field of energy around us, means we can be in flow state much more of our daily lives. Bu tit doesn’t need to be overly serious, we can achieve this state of flow within our daily lives through playfulness.. we only need to watch our kids to observe this.

Tuning in to the Language of Insight

There is a constant conversation our world is having with us and when are in our Flow State, the intuitive messages we receive are perfectly timed, and often from unexpected people, posters, memo’s, billboards… your soul language as I now call it, is cloaked as ideas, lightbulb moments, synchronicity and repeated images. And it has no limit to how you can access it. Through animals that cross your path, numbers, angel cards, strangers with messages or a bed offered just when you need it.

You will explore how to receive and trust impressions and insights from your body, your intution, from plants, animal totems and crystals/minerals as we are connected in every moment to everything around us. We are effectively tuning into our souls nudging and how to consciously direct this for maximum contentment and joy.

The indigenous peoples of Australia, still living in tribal community, spend a great percentage of their time in silence, meditation and telepathic communication, with each other, with the stars, the ancestors, the spirits of the land and elements. They gain much of their wisdom through the silence of their inner being and connection to the web of life. ('Secrets of Aboriginal Healing' – book by Gary Holz).

How can this benefit us

– This framework will deepen your intuition and trust in your inner voice of wisdom.

– Your inner dialogue will become obvious and you have the empowered choice to change it.

– You will feel the empowered state of knowing you can heal your body, clear your energy fields, shift emotional trauma and process emotions for insightful value rather than avoid them as uncomfortable.

– With greater trust in this constant guidance, there is less fear in change or in the unknown, in exploring outside our comfort zones… where life happens.

Physical and emotional benefits of meditation:

These are well documented by thousands of physicians and scientists if you care to do your own research.

– Lowered blood pressure

– Lowered inflammation

– Reduced stress, fear and anxiety

– Reduced emotional reactivity

– Increased Sleep

–Increased Self–Confidence

– Heightened levels of Serotonin, Oxytocin, Anandemide – chemicals released during immense happiness or peace

– Increased clarity, creativity and purpose.

A daily tune–up for mind, body and spirit

This will leave you with a daily framework that can be a 15min or an hour long 'Meditation Flow' depending how long you want to give yourself to explore or tune up! The more this becomes familiar to you, the more insight you will gain each time you do this, and the more natural it will become.

Still curious?

Here is a little more of the mind – body wisdom we explore through this workshop, followed by movement and play to integrate this insight through action.

FASCIA: This intelligent web is one of the main reasons we don’t fall apart with every movement. It is a key player in our non physical information exchange, receiving and transmitting of our thoughts, feelings. Only 10% of information is received through our senses as our brain in its awake state can only upload 120 bits of data per second. Where our body/fascia/subconscious mind when its relaxed in Alpha/Theta state can upload millions of bits of data per second. So when we ‘get out of our own way’, we ca be much ore creative, attract our visions much more easily and tap into a wellspring of in–the–moment clarity and inspiration.

Fascia is our mind–body interface, between energy (thoughts, feelings, intuition) and matter (our molecular body). It is a profoundly sensitive and adaptive web, made up of a liquid crystalline structure, mostly collagen, much like the crystal LCD (Liquid Crystal Disply) Screen of your TV. i.e. it amplifies light pulses, energy signals and its hollow tubes allow the free flow of water - when it is hydrated and not stressed or defensive. This knowledge means we can let go of control and living like we must work our hardest to ‘make it happen’. Actually there is an intelligence running in the background that we can lean on and allow to guide us more often. But we don’t need to understand it all, its much more fun to play with it… we’ll have plenty of time to play!