what is a sonic dreamweaving journey?

Quantum Sound Journeys are borne from the personal experience of Elisha Xantaya, Founder and Practitioner of Xantaya Health. This is a unique integration of Sound Healing, Quantum Insights and Meditation Journey, intended to re–empower through the forgotten knowledge of our deep connection to the web of life within and around us.

These sessions are designed to help you access tools for mental clarity, inspired creativity and physical healing to bring your whole body, mind, heart and soul into harmony. These sessions are a doorway for alignment with your original blueprint and creative essence … So lets play!!

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fire & earth sonic dreamweaving

with Mishae Bailitis, Thomas Cadwell and Julie Christie.

This session weaves the power of fire ritual, didgeridoo, medicine drum, crystal singing bowl and intuitive vocal sounds and tones and dreaming journey to clear, transform, align and uplift the body, mind and spirit.

Teaches us about the death and rebirth that happens every time we shift a fear or negative limiting belief and the thousand possibilities that await on the other side.

She is the giver of all life, the receiver of fertile seeds and the embodiment of both beauty and chaos. She doesn’t judge and her offering of life through air, water, plants, food and inspiration, is unconditional and abundant.


Newcastle friday sep 20
fire & earth sonic dreamweaving

with Mishae Bailitis, Thomas Cadwell and Julie Christie.

This session weaves the surrender and flow of water ceremony, Hang Drum, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl and intuitive vocal sounds and tones and dreaming journey for deep letting go, and access to full creative expression and peace.

Teaches us about the surrendering control, flowing around obstacles in the path of least resistance and maintaining steady persistent action.

Air is the life force within our lungs and cells. It is the whispering of intuition and ideas that drop through when we are listening, calm and present. It is light, joyful and humorous in it’s communication.


Burning Seed Sonic Dreamweaving

A Multi-Dimensional, Elemental Self Discovery
at Music Medicine Magic Theme Camp


In collaboration with Luis Piazetta, Mishae Bailitis and more talented musicians.



Empowerment through the scientific understanding of our own, innate wisdom and our energetic communication with our world. Gain insight into our body's profound intelligence, our capacity to create peace, or whatever we can imagine, including a healthy body, mind and spirit. We are made up of sound at our cellular structure. Our atoms emit a constant radio signal. We broadcast this ‘song’, written by our thoughts and emotions, to the energy fields, people and environment around us.


Through voice tones, song and instruments 'heard' through your body, you will experience a lightness of energy, a wholeness of being, and an opportunity to connect into the wisdom contained within you from beyond your birth. The profound effect of sound vibration is powerful and far more ancient than modern medicine, as scientists like Dr Bruce Lipton are finally validating. Beneficial sound waves positively influence our cellular activity, re–harmonise our physical body, tune our emotional body, bring clarity and stability to our mental states.

With specific tones, instruments and facilitation, the brain moves into Alpha brainwave, where our consciousness is heightened, our body wisdom can ‘allow’ our molecular structure to naturally return to its original blueprint, as it does when we are sleeping, meditating and deeply relaxed. It is the tuning of our left and right brain, -ve and +ve polarities, masculine and feminine qualities as we return to a harmony with the natural resonance of our Earth.

MEDITATION & imaginating

Guided Journeys re-igniting our deepest connection to our ancient roots, our innate wisdom, our present moment power, our calm, self-centred, self-assured path of purpose and our childlike imagination that still remembers how to Dream without Fear. It is the feeling of 'coming home'.

Remember when we used to dream without fear, without expectations or limitations, as the creative, innocent child, here to play? Our kids have so much to teach us in this return to soul connected, heart centred living.




The Science of Sound


How is it that Science has known for decades that we are made up of 99.9% space, and yet Scientists like Bruce Lipton are only now taking the main stage to help us reconnect with this most basic and important aspect of ourselves, our vibrational field, empowered wisdom hidden in plain sight. Our cells emit a constant energy wave due to the electrons and electrons hurtling around the nucleus creating a vibration or frequency. So we are quite literally making sound thought our human ears can only hear about 10% of the full spectrum, that many animals hear. An energy wave creates an imperceptible sound, but also a light frequency, again only 10% of which we can see wit the human eye. Some people can see these light waves we are vibrating.



Emotion is Energy–in–Motion. Each thought offers a corresponding emotion which has its own higher or lower frequency, depending if it feels heavy or light, like love vs fear. This is exchanged between humans before we even open our mouths and sometimes even before we meet each other. Because we are influenced by the sound and light emissions from the world around us, including nature, the suns energy, other peoples emotions, intentions, WiFi, EMF's, industrial noise... our energy fields are in constant flux. If we don't know how to recalibrate, or re–tune our energy fields, we can become out of balance very easily.



Sound, Light and Nature are some of the most powerful tools we can use to bring ourselves back into balance. As we relax, our brain moves into Alpha and Theta brain wave states, our cells and Fascia shift out of fight–flight–freeze mode to rest–relax–recover and the cell membrane opens to release toxic build up. Our DNA is activated by harmonic frequencies to allow fear patterns to be released and reprogrammed, and our overall emotional and mental states to be uplifted. This is part of the meaning of 'Enlightenment'... quite literally lightening the load of negative emotions and frequencies and living with a more harmonious sense of Being.


What are the Benefits?

Sound Healing and Meditation has been shown by Science to influence:

– Lowered blood pressure
– Increased calmness
– Improved sleep
– Reduced anxiety and stress
– Improved digestion
– Balanced hormones by reducing cortisol levels

With feedback offered that Quantum Sound Journeys

– Offer deep connection to your intuition  
– Release emotional blocks and fear
– Offer inspiration for your life purpose
– Deepen connection to your inner voice of Truth
– Balance over-active mind patterns
– Reduce emotional reactivity
– Increase our sense of belonging
– Reignite your inner kid to become more creative and explorative