Xantaya Health

our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”

– Marianne Williamson | A Course in Miracles


Our Vision

a return to heart wisdom, human connection & soul purpose

body. Earth. spirit. balance.


We are here for Education, Healing and Inspiration. With a background in Bowen Therapy, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy and Mindfulness Coaching, Founder, Elisha Xantaya, is sharing her experience in bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit and offering insights into reprogramming our ‘Status–Quo’, our mind patterns and inner-critic for a life of greater freedom and contentment.

Her study, research and clinical observation has sparked a dedication in joining the dots between science and energy, that has the potential to empower and uplift us individually and as a Global Collective. With the practical understanding of Quantum Mechanics, Fascia, Elemental Connection and Sound Healing Frequencies, her vision is empowering individuals and groups of all ages, to reconnect with our innate wisdom, purpose and the gifts each of us came to express in joy and love.

At Xantaya Health we have a vision of the future that is an evolved level of consciousness, where we work together to create an Earth Home that our future generations will be proud to care take. When we remember how to connect to the energy that flows within us, through all of nature and beyond... then we can dance!


Healing Treatments

Individuals | groups | couples


Whole Health & Wellbeing

bowen therapy

energy Balance & coaching

sound healing

meditation & mindfulness


ONLINE HEALING & MENTORING SESSIONS – Available by appointment


To understand how we become physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically out of balance, we must consider the body, mind and spirit as a whole interconnected organism. Elisha uses many tools to aid this rebalance including Bowen Therapy for spinal, muscular and fascial release; Sound Therapy and Energy Tools, Guided Meditation, Plant and Mineral Medicine, for a return to mental, emotional and energetic stability. This is a deep recalibration offered both in a clinic setting and by skype session.


Education & Meditation

bridging science & energy

to uplift & empower


2019 Courses, Sound Healing and Retreats

4–week mindfulness course (tue 14 may – tue 14 jun 2019)

6–week ALCHEMY course: ‘alchemy of BODY & soul’

MAITLAND: Tuesday’s, 6–8pm, Begins 19 March • REGISTER INTEREST HERE

NEWCASTLE: Wednesday’s, 6–8pm, Begins 20 March • REGISTER INTEREST HERE

sonic dreamweaving – sound healing journeys

NEWCASTLE: WEDNESDAY 6 MAR, 6.30–8pm, Venue TBC $35

MAITLAND: FRIDAY 8 MAR, 6.30–8pm, INNER HEALTH CENTRE (Organic Feast) $35



We facilitate courses, workshops and meditations offering transformation, assisting personal growth and a return to wellbeing in body, mind and soul. These are available both online and in city's along the Australian East Coast, and NZ. We also offer ongoing support in our Resources Section including recorded Sound Journeys and Elemental Meditations (coming soon), assisting you in maintaining a positive mindset as you continue to discover new layers of your being. This is a journey into ever–deeper connection with the wisdom that flows through us.


Sonic Dreamweaving


Quantum Sound Healing

Combining the science of sound and energy, mindfulness, body wisdom and meditation journeys for deep relaxation, healing and remembering of your unique, individual gifts to express in this life.

Elisha provides a musical backdrop filled with natural, ancient and tribal wisdom. Sound is heard via your ears but felt deep within your body. You are guided on a magical journey into yourself. A unique opportunity that needs to be experienced to be truly understood.
— Tracy Brown | Newcastle

NEXT sonic dreamweaving – sound healing journey

See above.

What is a Quantum

Sound Journey?


Motivational Speaking


Connecting Hearts and Minds


school groups | corporate | private events

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
— wayne dyer | the power of intention


How often do we really think before we answer the question, 'How are you?'. How often would we automatically answer 'good thanks', when inside we are tense, stressed, flat, sad... all the masks we wear to look like we've 'got our shit together'. Within this Motivational Session are some delightfully honest self–truths offered along Elisha’s Journey from fear and insecurity, a kid that didn't fit inside the box, to self–liberation and critical insights into the Science of Fear, Love and Human Connection, to each other and our Earth.

Which, through spoken word philosophising, quantum energy insights and tales of self-experimentation with the 'Benevolent Universe'... will uplift, provoke and open the forum for discussion. This is the conversation of a new version of humanity that, deep down, we all want, need and must consider if we are to continue life on this planet we call Home.

These presentations are tailored to the age, demographic and interest of the audience and offer a unique zig–zag journey of re-empowerment, telling the collective story of reconnection to heart wisdom, rediscovering feminine grace and strength. It's the story of a NZ Army Officer; an Artist, Designer, Singer, Songwriter; a Coal Mine Explosives Operator, a Healer and Quantum Mechanics Coach and an explorer of life, love and freedom.

It's really a story about that which we are all seeking in so many forms... the true path to inner peace, joy, deep, authentic relationships and reconnection to meaning.




As I lie here wide awake at 2.33 in the morning
I search deep within the silence of nothingness, the soul, the beacon, the dawning
So much love and joy available in this world and yet so much fear, trauma, pain and mourning

The loneliness of souls separated by race, by status, by what we own, what we believe, you’re wrong, I’m right...
There will come a day when our souls seek hard enough for the light
Many are hearing loudly that background static
There’s gotta be so much more than this, Love is the food that feeds our planet

Is it possible we could live in a world of acceptance, of UNITY?
I believe in radical kindness, of Love without Reason
To every death there is birth - the cycles of our universe, every soul has its season

To unveil the greatest truth that dwells within the heart
Ignite hope within another, let your smile light the dark
Search deep under the static for the joy that lights your eyes
When you’ve found freedom inside, and undone all the ties

That bind us through obligation, isolation, domination, should’s and shouldn’t’s, fear and couldn’t’s
The day that shit is dropped like a hot coal
The world becomes a little lighter, little brighter and creativity becomes the currency of gold

So when your souls tapping gets a little too loud,
When your bubbly self seems far away and drowned in the crowd
Sit very still, drop every idea you’ve ever had about who you are
The journey back to the heart is not so far

It starts with reconnection... Back to our hearts, to our neighbour, to our earth, our own reflection
The time is now, no more hesitation, look at the destination
Oh wait... There IS NO destination!

The beauty, freedom of heart, unity of our planet is possible the moment we choose
to stand up and have a say.
I’m not perfect but I choose love, truth and let my heart the light the way

– Elisha Xantaya



Inspiration Station

self-experimentation with the benevolent universe


Carving out Life by Design


van life freedom: from fear to trust

nz hitch–hiking vision–quest


At Xantaya Health, we believe that life is for creative expression, for beauty, freedom and co-creation.

So we set out on a regular basis to challenge some old world beliefs around society's expectations of success, accumulation and mistrust... aiming to ditch some deep rooted fears, rediscover the beauty of humanity and seek out some exceptionally beautiful parts of our planet.

The tools? Aussie East Coast Van–life, hitchhiking adventures and experimentation with our benevolent universe. And we are seeing a growing movement asking for a return to a connected, respectful, united human family.

Here are some little clips of the fun we've had throwing caution to the wind, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, recalibrating instincts, love codes and limited beliefs!!




for self growth, energy tools and inspiration


Connect. Grow. Create.

5–elements guided meditation

energy clearing tools

recorded sound healing

song and spoken word

(coming soon)

On this Journey from the Head to the Heart, it's easy to forget how far we have come, it's easy to feel alone in your inwards search. So here are some tools, meditations, sound journeys to keep you connected into your Soul's Language, to offer inspiration along your path. If all else fails flick us a message and join the tribe of soul's moving toward a bright human collective.