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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
— Marianne Williamson | A Course in Miracles

Xantaya Vision

a return to heart wisdom & human connection

body. MIND. Earth. reconnect

Xantaya is founded on a vision of the future that is an evolved level of human consciousness. Where we work together to create an Earth Home that our future generations will be proud to care take. When we remember our connection to the innate wisdom within us, that is symbiotic with our Planet... profound, yet simple change is made in inspiring ways.



Courses • Retreats • 1-1


Mindfulness as a Life Tool

Mindfulness is a simple system with practical tools offering a new state of peace to thousands of people around the world. As a human race, we are being called to better understand our mind–body health and connection to our environment. Elisha offers courses and individual coaching programs to bridge the mystery and mechanics between our mind, body and our physical health.

It has certainly changed my way of thinking and the way I deal with all aspects of my life. Thank you once again for what has been a life changing experience and the beginning of a new journey for me.
— Heidi Brimble | Maitland Mindfulness Course


Dreamweavers Festival
13–15 Dec 2019

This is a full weekend of Heart Food, Nourishment and Soul Ignition. Where we give ourselves permission to Dream & Weave Magick. Bring your gifts, explore your creations or just come… breath, dance.

“I experienced more connections in 24hrs than in 7 days at Burning Man. Every conversation I had was an unexpected inspiring story that engaged my curiosity. I left feeling recharged which is highly unusual after a Festival!” – Carl Billy, Artist


music | retreats | festivals


Sound Journeys & Vocal Workshops

Sonic Dreamweaving
Sonic Body Workshop


Sound Healing & Education

Sound and Energy Science, Mindfulness, Meditative Journeys, Deep Cellular Healing, Imaginating

Elisha provides a musical backdrop filled with natural, ancient and tribal wisdom. Sound is heard via your ears but felt deep within your body. You are guided on a magical journey into yourself. A unique opportunity that needs to be experienced to be truly understood.
— Tracy Brown | Newcastle


1-1 Treatments

bowen therapy | sound | energy coaching


Whole Health & Wellbeing

balancing body, mind, heart.

Treatments available Maitland, Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Online.


To understand how we become physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically out of balance, we must consider the body, mind and spirit as a whole interconnected organism. Elisha uses many tools to aid this rebalance including Bowen Therapy for spinal, muscular and fascial release; Sound Therapy and Energy Tools, Guided Meditation, Plant and Mineral Medicine, for a return to mental, emotional and energetic stability. This is a deep recalibration offered both in a clinic setting and by skype session.


Inspiration Station

Philosophys & Poetry


Carving out Life by Design

spoken word alchemy


We believe that life is for creative expression, for beauty, freedom and co-creation.

So we set out on a regular basis to challenge some old world beliefs around society's expectations of success, accumulation and mistrust... aiming to ditch some deep rooted fears, rediscover the beauty of humanity and seek out some exceptionally beautiful parts of our planet.

Van–life, hitchhiking adventures and experimentation with our benevolent universe are all part of the toolkit. And we are seeing a growing movement asking for a return to a connected, respectful, united human family.



Online Recordings

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Connect. Grow. Create.

SOUNDCLOUD meditationS

recorded sound healing

song and spoken word

(coming soon)

On this Journey from the Head to the Heart, it's easy to forget how far we have come, it's easy to feel alone on your inwards exploration. So here are some tools, meditations, sound journeys to keep you connected into your Soul's Language, to offer inspiration along your path. If all else fails flick us a message and join the tribe of soul's moving toward a bright human collective.