Inspirational Speaking


insights of a freedom seeker, artist & entrepeneur

From NZ Army Officer to Artist to Explosives Truck Operator in Australian Coal Mines, to Healing, Mindfulness and Quantum Energy Coaching, Singer and Artist, Elisha has a unique story to share of the inner excavation of a Soul searching for meaning.

At Xantaya Health, we believe life is for joy, for freedom and there is a story to be told that isn't part of the 'make it in this world at all costs', or at least put on a good show.

So we set out on a regular basis to challenge some old world beliefs around society's expectations of success, materialism, mistrust, aiming to ditch some deep rooted fears, rediscover the beauty of our Human Family and seek out some exceptionally beautiful parts of our planet... through Vanlife, hitchhiking adventures and experimentation with our Benevolent Universe, we get deep in the conversation of the story of a peaceful humanity.

A Public Speaking Event includes personal insights on a journey to reprogram the 'Status Quo', humour, spoken word poetry performance, and some powerful tools to access this freedom available to us all. It is a vision of the kind of humanity we all share deep at the level of the innocent child heart, that is amplified through our belief, our collective hope and empowerment and through our shared creations.