Mindfulness Retreats



Elisha has put together the perfect combination for healing and inner awareness, at her retreat. The peace you feel as you drive into her home, the knowledge she shares and then the skills she teaches you over the day all make for a truly magical day. I’m so grateful that I went!
— Tasha Lee | 1-Day Mindfulness Retreat Aug 11

1–Day Mindfulness Retreat

8.30am – 5pm Lunch Included

This serene mudbrick property above, is my home. Where the Lyrebirds teach you mindfulness, and theRE IS space to hear your own song… THE SILENCE is EXPANSIVE

This Day Immersion takes Mindfulness and Meditation and applies it with a deeper understanding of our Mind–body intelligence, our energy systems and practical life application. This is designed as a back–to–nature reboot, to balance the stresses of body and mind, and reconnect to your innate wisdom and creativity.

What you will receive

You will learn practices to calm the mind, be present and less stressed, using meditation, sound techniques and practical energy regulating tools. These are guided meditations for body and mind including walking meditation, nature communication, sound exercises, simple visualisations and breathing techniques. This is designed as a nature immersed energy reboot.


The benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness are measured and scientifically proven to regulate your body's homeostasis, that means, your body heals when you enter a state of calm. The more you practice staying in that state of calm the more your body self regulates, and the greater your level of awareness becomes to catch the minds tricks! The inner critic and 'worrier' that takes up so much inner dialogue, is able able to be reprogrammed with practice and awareness.

Psycho/Physical Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation are immediate:

• Lowers Blood Pressure and regulates brain chemical function

• Calmer breathing patterns

• Reduces Anxiety and Stress

• Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System... i.e. Rest-Heal-Recovery Mode

• Heightened focus and clarity

• Greater Self Compassion

• Greater Energy

• Less reactive and taking things personally

• Inspired and connected to inner 'knowing'

• Better eating and sleeping patterns

• Inspired for life


8.30am arrive – Cuppa Tea

9am – Welcome, Introductions

10am – Mind-Body Presentation: ‘Everything is Energy’

11am – Mindfulness 1: The Body–Compass & Meditation Practice. Learning to work with thought and emotion through Mindfulness Tools.

12.30 – Lunch

1.30pm – Mindfulness 2: Nature Communication & Meditation. Practising presence through sound and be-ing

3pm – Afternoon Tea

3.30pm – Sound Journey & Guided Meditation

4.30pm – Integration


Cedar Brush Creek. Directions will be included in the pre-course email. 90 mins from Maitland, Newcastle and Sydney.


Vegetarian Lunch, Afternoon Tea and hot drinks are provided, BYO Snacks.

Please notify of special dietary requirements.


•  Warm clothes, gloves and good shoes.

•  A meditation bolster or pillow if needed. Blanket or wrap during meditations.