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practical tools for youth in calming the mind and developing emotional wisdom

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Mindfulness and Meditation for Youth

We are passionate about sharing simple tools for navigating an energetically overwhelming world – through sound, self calming visualisations and body movement blended with story journey. All aimed at connecting these wise, young souls to their most free, unburdened, imaginative dreaming selves.

We have discovered the power of sound in balancing kids minds and body’s and here are some things we have observed during these Sonic Dreamweaving Sessions:

– Calming of the nervous system & energy levels

– Heightened focus, more comfortable playing on their own

– Greater contentment and feeling of belonging with the group

– More balanced energy, less reactive

– Inspired and connected, often showing a lot of love for each other afterwards

– Better eating and sleeping patterns

What is Sonic Dreamweaving?

• healing vibrations from instruments and vocals

• mindfulness tools

• using creative story to explore self awareness & self empowerment

• An emotional management system

The profound effect of sound vibration moves through our body at the speed of light. It is an ancient tool that has been used as physical healing, emotional rebalance and accessing a peaceful, self awareness that empowers us as individuals and as a connected community. Scientists like Dr Bruce Lipton are finally sharing what has been hidden in plain sight, our thoughts matter, our focus matters, sound is an exchange of information for the body’s information fields. And it is profoundly healing on a physical, mental. Beneficial sound waves positively influence our cellular activity, re–harmonise our physical body, tune our emotional body, bring clarity and stability to our mental states.

Kids respond incredibly well to visualisation and when we use creative story to bring their attention into their bodies – we use embodied cognition to develop their sense of self confidence, self reliance and connection to nature. We find that youth and students of all ages are feeling much more anxious than ever, stressed or picking up on the stress of their environment. Sound is very effective in balancing these states of mind, and we give them tools to balance their own energy and understand their emotions.

Available at schools in the Central Coast and Maitland Regions.

We are based in both Melbourne and Wollombi, offering programs for youth from Kinder to College. Mindfulness and Energy Balancing Tools are essential for a world that is only becoming faster and more complex.

• 1 hr Sonic Dreamweaving for Kids: 5–10yrs

• 4 week mindfulness program for Youth: 10 –18yrs

Includes simple mindfulness and stress reduction tools through sound, breath and meditation practices.

• 1 Day Immersion – train the trainers:

Includes simple mindfulness and stress resolving tools through sound, breath and visualisation. We expand on the causes of stress and offer a range of simple daily practices using sound and mindfulness meditations that teachers can use in their classrooms. Aimed to get the best from their students, reduce their own stress levels and bring greater harmony to the classroom.

full Term Program: Coming Soon